360° Walkthroughs

360° Walkthroughs

Virtual tours which keep everybody safe

What is a 360° Walkthrough?

A 360° walkthrough is a virtual tour of a property made possible by a series of special cameras and lenses which stich together multiple roatating images. This gives the end user an opportunity to look in any direction when the footage is being played back. The person viewing the footage can replay over and over again and be looking at a different area of the property each time. If you’ve ever used ‘Street View’ on Google Maps then you will be familiar with this style of filming.

How Can I Benefit from a 360° Walkthrough?

If you’re somebody who is wanting to sell a property, business or any sort of building which would need viewed prior to a sale – a 360° walkthrough is the perfect way to give an in-depth tour without a prospect having to leave their chair. This new style of viewing has become very popular for both buyers and sellers as it eliminates the need for physical contact. Many people are still very vulnerable and are taking extra precautions to stay safe from COVID-19 so this is a great way to help keep distance. Estate agents love having this extra way of advertising property and it also gives potential buyers some extra time to weigh up the building without being in it.

Why is a 360° Walkthrough Important?

Aside from the safety factor, the virtual tour is massively convenient and can help people make a decision on the environment in question. It’s not just about selling property; many different businesses are turning to 360° tours to help bring in revenue. From keen restaurant goers looking for a nice atmosphere, to busy landlords who simply don’t have the time – you can generate more interest with a realistic walkthrough.

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