Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Give potential buyers the confidence to make decisions

Why Do I Need a Floor Plan?

If you’re selling a property then you need to put yourself in the mindset of a potential buyer and consider what they need in order to consider a viewing. People need more than just photos and bullet-pointed lists to remain interested. There are an ever-increasing amount of properties coming onto the market, so having an accurate floor plan is sure to generate more interest. It’s not just about getting people to view your property, it’s about accomodating those who have already viewed it and letting them make informed decisions by referring back to your detailed floor plans.

Advantages of Floor Plans Over Photographs

Estate agents have a habit of using camera trickery and ‘fish eye’ lenses to give the illusion that rooms are bigger than they actually are. Sadly, most people have caught onto this now and it can be off-putting for buyers. Detailed floor plans allow new-home seekers to properly measure up the floor plan dimensions against that of their existing home. This really is a benefit for both parties involved as it can save time organising uneccessary viewings.

Floor Plans from a Development Perspective

Floor plans are beneficial to both housing and business sellers. Many buyers are on the lookout for property to develop and will be seeing extension, conversion and all-round improvements potential. Inspire the ambitous minds of these people by giving them a true reference of the property from which they can fuel their imagination with visions and possibilities.

Floor Plans for Businesses

It’s not just house sellers who can benefit from a detailed floor plan. If you’re selling a commercial building then you really need to provide as much detail as you possibly can. Depending on who is on the hunt for a new building; potential prospects may be weighing up if your building can accomodate their already-existing equipment, the amount of natural light or if the building is architecturally sound. Buyers might even be hundreds of miles away so it’s vitally important to them that you have a floor plan or they may not show further interest in your building.

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