Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

Create a safer home or workplace with a thorough review

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

We all know how devastatingly lethal a fire can be, yet many don’t realise how prone their property is to a blaze. The Fire Risk Assessment is a thorough review of a building to determine if it is a potential fire hazard and what can be done to help prevent a blaze. Whilst the Fire Risk Assessment is mostly made up of guidelines – there are severe penalties for those who do not take substancial measures to ensure fire safety in a building. Quite simply, the Fire Risk Assessment is one of the most imperative steps for protecting human life against fire.

What is Checked During a Fire Risk Assessment?

As you’d expect, there are a multitude of factors and eventualities taken into consideration during the Fire Risk Assessment. The assessor will look at the building materials, escape routes, the nature of the occupants, alarms, limiting the spread of fires and much more. Assessments will vary depending on the type of building in question. Blocks of flats and businesses will have a more complex assessment than that of a small house. The larger scale assessments will take stock of such things as smoking areas, fire safety signs, fire drills, storage facilities for flammable liquids/gasses and more.

What Happens if I Don’t Get a Fire Risk Assessment?

As you’d expect, the penalties for fire safety negligence are collossal. Any person found guilty in a court of law for ignoring fire safety regulations/reccomendations can expect a huge fine and very often a prison sentence. Turning a blind eye to fire safety can cost countless lives and immeasurable damages which could’ve been easily avoided with a Fire Risk Assessment. It is highly reccomended that any business or building owner has regular assessments to help keep everybody safe.

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