Commercial EPC’s

Commercial EPC’s

Learn about your company/business energy efficiency rating

What is a Commercial EPC?

Much like a domestic EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), the commercial EPC also lasts ten years, is rated between A & G and is applicable to non-domestic buildings which may include office spaces, industrial sites or retail units. However, from 2023 – if your report outcome is an F or G rating then you must endeavour to make significant energy efficiency improvements before selling or letting the commercial building in question.

Do I Need a Commercial EPC?

If you’re the owner or landlord of a commercial building and wish to sell or let; you must schedule an EPC inspection before going onto the commercial property market. Even if an agent (i.e. an estate or letting agent) is acting on your behalf – you must still ensure they are complying with all current regulations. You also need to schedule a commercial EPC if you wish to sell, rent or extend a building.

What Will be Assessed During the Inspection?

Aside from lowering your own energy costs, the purpose of the EPC is to minimise CO2 emissions for the good of the planet. Therefore, the accredited EPC assessor will conduct a thorough inspection of the building – paying particular attention toward the energy systems, building fabric, insulation and more. The assessor will also question if the building is occupied and if the building is multi-purpose or single use.

Benefits of a Commercial EPC

When it comes to buying or renting, transparency is comparibilty. You are much more likely to gain prospects through a transparent report – even if your EPC outcome is not as efficient as it could be; potential buyers can create a realistic vision for themselves when they have an accurate EPC.

Not selling? The commercial EPC is still a great way for you and your business to identify how to improve efficiency, lower costs and protect the planet from the ever rising CO2 emissions.

Schedule a Commercial EPC?

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