Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella Risk Assessment

Help protect the public from this serious form of pneumonia

What is Legionella?

Legionella is a bacteria which can usually be found in natural fresh water environments like lakes, rivers or streams. The bacteria becomes a much bigger threat to humans when it enters man-made water systems which we you would often find in homes and businesses; such systems could include showers & sinks, heaters, plumbing systems, hot tubs and more.

How Does Legionella Spread?

Typically, the bacteria spreads in water droplets in water-based systems like air conditioning units. The danger arises from the fact the water droplets are inhaled and therefore enter the lungs. The bacteria can on some occasions still enter the lungs even if the water is drank. Once Legionella enters the lungs you are at risk of developing Legionaires disease; a severe form of pneumonia.

It’s less likely to come into contact with Legionella within a home as it would be in a larger building like a hotel, sports centre or swimming pools. This is because residential (and car) air-conditioning is not water-based.

How Serious is Legionaires Disease?

Although uncommon, this form of pneumonia can be fatal – especially to people who smoke, those with weakened immune systems and particularly the elderly. Even if you’re fortunate enough to be young and healthy, Legionaires disease can lead to other complications including respiratory failure, large drops in blood pressure and even kidney failure. Legionaires disease must be taken very seriously and it’s advised you seek medical attention if you show any flu-like symptoms and experience muscle aches, shortness of breath, chest pain or confusion.

Who Needs a Legionella Risk Assessment?

Any UK business, regardless of how big or small is required by law to have a Legionella Risk Assessment arranged by its owner. The same goes for landlords and property managers. There are severe penalties for those who don’t conduct a Legionella Risk Assessment, not to mention the public safety risks caused by negligence. Despite residential dwellings being a low risk for Legionella; you can still schedule an assessment of your water systems. It’s vitally important to perform regular checks of water systems in any building if you wish to minimise the risks that come with Legionella and Legionaires disease.

Schedule a Legionella Risk Assessment?

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